This is the correct way to take the backup and do not recommend other First, enter the Cpanel control panel Then click on the icon labeled Backups Click on Download or Generate a Full Web Site Backup Then put your mail in the field and press Generate Backup Wait a little while the copy is ready, and then you will receive a message to your specified email telling you that the copy is complete and ready for download. Then press [Go Back] Click here to download it When the download is done enter through FTP and delete it
To connect and configure your site’s mail settings with Outlook Express, please follow the steps below: 1. Log in to the Cpanel site control panel. 2. Go to the mail accounts section 3. Select the mail account you want to connect to Outlook and then click on Set Up Mail Client in the actions box to adjust the settings. 4. From the Mail Client Automatic Configuration Scripts section click on the configuration file corresponding to the type and version of your program to download the configuration file whether it is IMAP or POP. 5. A message will appear stating that the file of the mail account settings will be withdrawn with your Outlook, asking you to close the Outlook program before downloading and running the file, and that once finished your mail accounts will be set up with Outlook. Click Proceed. 6. Another message will appear stating that the file is played by selecting Run or Open Click on Run. 7. Another message will appear stating that the word Yes is pressed when you run the file after downloading it, until adjustments are made to the Outlook program. Note: If your program is not listed in the automatic settings menu or the linking process is not successful, you can enter the settings manually by copying the settings found in step 4 but under the manual setup box.
You can login to the site mail via the following link: https://domain.com:2096 Change domain.com with your domain name.
You can login to the Cpanel site control panel via the following link: https://domain.com:2083 Change domain.com with your domain name. You will see a window asking username and password. Enter this data and you will be logged in to Cpnl. Note: username and password are sent to you when you activate your account.
To create a new account please follow the steps below 1. Log in to the Cpanel control panel. 2. Choose the mailing list icon via Email Accounts To create a new mail account please follow these steps 3. You will see several fields that you can fill in as appropriate for you to create a mail account: To create a new mail account please follow these steps Email : Postal account name. – Password : Password to access your postal account. – Password : Re-enter a password. – Quota : The space you want to allocate to this account. Then click on Create Account to create the account and activate it.
You can change your site password via the Cpanel control panel by: 1. Login to the C-Panel control panel. 2. Select the Change Password icon. 3. You will see a page with three boxes You enter the old password in the first field Either generate a new password via password generator or enter your own password in the next two fields Then click on Change Password to approve the change